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Here at Pet Adoption and Sales it is all about the pets. We are more about pet Rescue and Adoption than Sales but recognise there is still a place for Ethical pet sales when done in a way that puts the pets before the money.

Recent urgent pet listings

Mother Ferret with 4 gorgeous 8 week old kits for sale (cage and some equipment included)

Urgent Priority listingPrivate advertiser
  • For sale
  • Ferrt
  • 1 months old
  • Not registered, Not desexed
  • Female
  • Chester hill, NSW 2162

I am selling my Female ferret Valkyrae with her four kits. We will also be selling the cage and some litter boxes with them.


Urgent Priority listingPrivate advertiser
  • For adoption
  • Mixed , 12 months old
  • Mixed breed
  • Registered, Desexed
  • Male
  • Kalpowar, QLD 4630

Oakley is a male German shepherd cross American stafffy. He is 1 year old and a well behaved boy.


Urgent Priority listingPrivate advertiser
  • For adoption
  • Other , 12 months old
  • Pure breed
  • Registered, Desexed
  • Male
  • Bundamba, QLD 4304

Friendly family guard dog

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